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September 12, 2004




Journal Entry: Sun Sep 12, 2004, 10:01 AM
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:// Trades currently OPEN!!
:// Availability of Trades set to 3.
Get 'em while their hot! Note me if your interested.


Requests currently unavailable. Busy Schedule.


Prices for commissions on illustration and manga art depend on what you'd like, basically. : 3

Commissions for or including my original characters will be noted collectors items, so the prices as shown below double if the image is a commission for one of my own characters to be drawn by myself.

Here's a general price list..

Clean line drawing in black pen, with/without basic background or border. (One Character) - £25
Clean line drawing, with shade/tone and detailed/etched and basic background or border - £30
Clean line drawing, with shade/tone and detailed/etched and complicated setting or theme - £35
Additional characters after the first one are £10s each.

If you want a full illusatration like many of the ones shown in my galleries with watercolor or a little CG or both together (preferably), or if its something like a drawing you would like me to color for you (must be your own work!) prices depend a little on the scale and difficulty of the image. Taking the clean line drawing prices as an example, most prices for a full, total, finished, colored and done image is usually double what it is in the clean line drawing prices. Note me if your unsure, or email me at, and I'll be able to work it out, in any case.

I can draw mostly anything you want. Below are a few of the restrictions I don't do, however, just to keep us right. I dont draw;
Very, Very Complicated Cityscapes.
Very, Very Complicated Robots/Machinery.
Desktop Wallpapers.
Art based on other series', such as Dragonball or Fruits Basket or Pokemon or whatever. Its against copyright law.
Maximum Yaoi/Yuri (Full body nude commissions are revoked. Topless is ok. No gratuitice positions either, please.)
Real life portraits or likenesses; (Example - you, your friend, your pet, an object of yours or a friends.. you get the idea.)
Maximum gore images, showing guts, spleens, lots of flesh being eaten and rotting and/or disfiguration. Zombies/undead are ok to a degree.
Art based on one of your own comics or series - unless - UNLESS - when I send you the commission notice, you give your signature. Then I will.

If you are unsure, ask me! I don't bite, and I'm not diseased or anything. Just ask! o.o

**Note that if the complicated robotics or gore is for creature or character design commissions, exceptions are made to a degree.

I'm not 100% on shipping costs right now, but I have a general idea. Charges to anywhere in the UK are £2. International shipping is £5. All commission payments must be pre-paid in full, and the final price which I will give you will include the shipping. These apply to all orders and commissions. Drawings will be shipped with a piece of thick card to prevent bending of the work. I accept no liability for problems with the postal service, or if something goes wrong during transaction, or if I do not recieve your payment or if you do not recieve your commission.

Being the nice person I am, I will however, attempt to help out wherever practicable and feasible.

All commissions must be pre-paid, as per some recent problems with a non-paying customer. Paypal should be coming along soon enough, but until then, only money order/cheque or even cash if your okay risking it. (No responsibility.) You can contact me through email at, or MSN Messenger at If I accept, I'll give you my working address, and things start from there quite quickly.

Mail the cheque/postal order/money order, and when payment is fully finished and done, work begins on your commission.

**Important Note** - I retain the rights to all drawings unless prior agreement first states otherwise. Once payment is recieved it is final. No returns. NONE. The work gets done, the work is given to you. Be careful to think through carefully what you want first, it'll save me time going over it again. I retain the rights to refuse any commission, basing on morality, subject, lack of time, interest, illness or any other such reason. I also retain the right to halt or fully cancel a commission (unless payment is already given) if I feel pressured/harassed/taken advantage of. (eg; If someone continuously writes back saying they want another commission, being unsatisfied with what they have recieved, even after viewing, this will not be taken into account. You are given chances to change what I have in the pencilling stage, make all of your decisions then, and that is it.

Because lately I have witnessed commission customers taking advantage of the service I provide, by saying they have now changed their mind, and want one of their characters arms in the opposite position or some sort of niggly little problem so that they can get a second image for themselves free of charge, a rethink has been made in respect to this. Payment should be given before the commission begins - halfway through the production, I will upload you a photocopy or scan of the PENCIL WORK of your commission through mail, email or preferably on my account here on Deviantart. THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO ASK FOR ANY CHANGES TO BE MADE IN THE IMAGE BEFORE INKING BEGINS. Any changes you may want made once the inking is done will NOT be done, and payment is not refundable once your commission begins being inked or colored. Adhere to this rule VERY carefully. Thank you.

:star:Selling Work:star:

Work as of yet unable to be sold. No proper online bank account. x_x

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ChyrenusMushroom Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004
request: could you please do a picture of a girl (anyone) flying with mushrooms and eyeballs?
daaku-no-tenshi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
o_o .. Is that a serious request.. or a pun? -Sweatdrop- Just wondering. ^^; I will draw it, if your serious..
- Stephen-san
ChyrenusMushroom Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004
its a serious request! really! =D pun? I make really bad puns so... i can't tell. @.@
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